Chaos All Stars

  • The Chaos All Stars is a band or rather gathering of musicians and artists combining their skills in order to create modern, danceable and atmospheric music, based on electronic soundscapes.

    Chaos All Stars – CAS – is a result of the idea of creating a new concept of a band. Founders, being OlkK and Nik are the current core of CAS but the band is somewhat like a collective, where various other artists and performers are included at times – hence the name Chaos All Stars.

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The Neverending Coverage continues with
Leonard Cohens: “First We Take Manhattan”

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Chaos All Stars – Legacy

4 track EP

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CAS - Legacy - cover

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  • I Need It All – Addendum
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  • The CD “I Need It All”

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“Defenses” music video:

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News & features

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      Free download of extended Iron Sky out now!

      Chaos All Stars are contributing to the “Swedish Electro vol 3″ album released by Swedish Electro Scene with an extended version of the track “The Iron Sky”. The compilation features a total of 63 bands for FREE download! Get your copy

    • CAS - First 2015

      First We Take Manhattan

      Chaos All Stars release a new cover song of Leonard Cohen’s “First We Take Manhattan”, along with a new video to the same track. It is part of the “Neverending Coverage” album, the online release from Chaos All Stars that started several years ago, and may never end…  Why put a limit to an album […]

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      Special performance in Norway

      Parts of Chaos All Stars participated at a special charity concert in Norway (in Leirvik, close to Stavanger/Bergen) the past weekend. Members Nik and Kari performed the song “We Are The Sinners” for approx 500 people. Nik also did a special performance together with performer Fridar Steinkopf Malmsten and Kari together with among others the […]